Search Engine Marketing for the Berkshires and beyond !

Interesting Day, On the phone with a high end recruiter from a company called GroupM which I think translates into an acronym for a company called MindShare. A winding 90 minute conversation centered around my understanding of marketing in the NSO space and well as some of the highs and lows of being interviewed by recruiters for jobs in both the natural and paid search space.

In my conversation I realized how passionate I am about the changing space of marketing on the web and the irony of how corporate is getting to grips with the fact that it needs to create a new business model if it is going to be able to compete in the online sphere.

It is intriguing to me how things have come almost full circle and I hope to have a new opportunity to work in the realm of Search for some of the key corporate players in the field.

Later this afternoon I met with a possible client and walked him through the ins and outs of his website, which sorely needed a redesign. The end result, he in now my newest client and will be sending me a deposit to start work on redoing his website.

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