The Internet is a wonderful thing.

Spent the day orienting different clients as to the use of the Internet.  I have been migrating a bunch of friends over to G-Mail.  The issue here is the idea that people can access their email and their Content Management  backend from any browser, but the assumption that I have had that  people understand what it is that I am teaching them has been ill founded.

It is a tough thing to educate as well as manage expectations relative to web use at the same time.

I have stumbled upon Joomla now as a full and robust CMS (content management system) that is PHP as well as open source.  I have given the thought to migrating this WordPress blog to a Joomla platform.  The idea that I can build a fully functioning CMS website from scratch using Joomla with the type of power and control is a very attractive thing. I resurrected from a holding pattern and brought the domain name over to BlueHost from Network Solutions and now I have Joomla ! loading and up and running is an exciting thing.

I am not entirely clear on where my knowledge of HyperText / HTML  took off, but I understand now that I have a very fundamental understanding of how things work on the web.  I have been delving into the guts of the Joomla tutorial and really starting to see how powerful and clean the CSS code in Joomla ! is a clear indicator of the depth and complexity that open source has become.

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