Learning about Outsider Art

It is a vague concept. What is outsider art. Outsider art in the recent past was more about artists who created work in circumstances removed from the influence of the mainstream of society, much like the people found in Appalachia who has been cut off from society by the geography of rugged mountains and inaccessible box valleys (Hollows).

I remember hearing songs from these isolated peoples, the old English speech inflections preserved in purer form that could be found in England.

Micheal Ulick, the one of the gallery owners of ChurchStreetArt in Lenox Massachusetts, commented to me the other day how finding ‘true’ outsider artists was maybe no longer possible, due the the intense influence that the current media saturation was having on the American Culture.

He put forth the notion that searching for ‘true’ outsider artists was perhaps a quest where geography might have to be the starting point, opening a map and beginning the search with geographically isolated locations. Either that, or locations where the artists where isolated in the mind. Psychologically isolated people, perhaps the mentally ill or chronically depressed.


2 thoughts on “Learning about Outsider Art

  1. A very interesting thought indeed. I think I would have to agree with Mr. Ulick.

    “Psychologically isolated people, perhaps the mentally ill or chronically depressed.”

    Isolated in the Mind…
    God I love that!

  2. Thanks for commenting Ester, I appreciate the effort on this little lone blog in the ether. “Isolated in the Mind !”

    “The Mind is a terrible theng to waste !”



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