New Feud Brewing at Flickr

The notions that Flickr has about the dividing line of painting and photography are certainly quaint, don’t ya think. Pre-Photoshop and silly. I studied painting, commercial Illustration and Industrial Design and did Graphic Design production work during my summers. I only started assisting when I did because working in restaurants to support myself as an actor in NYC became too tedious.

And that is how I became a photographer. hhmmm. So , where does photography and painting separate in my life ? I started taking picture in my teens and I shot slides cause I had a technique projecting slides of portraits onto board mounted on the wall and drew into them with pencil to ‘draw’ very accurate and stylish portraits of people. A modern Camera Obsura. So where is the separation ?

In the mid 80’s my whole portfolio was made up of SX-70’s which I had used Caran Dache crayons to draw and paint on….hhhhmmmm…so where is the separation ?

2 thoughts on “New Feud Brewing at Flickr

  1. There’s a speration?

    Ya know I went to my first flickr meet up here in Utah and was Immediately turned off by one of the members who insisted “Those people who use photoshop aren’t real photographers.”

    After that day I left that group and have since not returned.

  2. “Those people who use Photoshop aren’t real photographers.”

    That is so much Bullshit ! I have been using Photoshop since version 2.5.1 back in 1993, and I created a portfolio of work that propelled me into success in the New York City Editorial Photography World, one of the most difficult international marketplaces for photography to crack, if not the most difficult.

    Adobe Photoshop is not about making things up, Adobe Photoshop is about being able to do the kind of lab work that is essential to any successful photograph.

    Most people have no concept about the guts of traditional photography, which traditionally has been a chemical industry. For the bulk of history of photography is have been about a chemical process. The beauty of digital is that there is less chemicals and more control.

    I am not going to get into the silly argument Film vs. Digital. It took me years to understand that photography is not about Black and White or Color, Paper or Transparency of Film vs. Digital, what kind of camera you own of how fast is you lens, it is about subject matter.

    If I take a picture of a jumbo jet crashing into the World Trade Center and exploding in a fireball, no one is going to give a damn what was used to get that shot. The photograph is the subject matter !

    ‘Nuff Said.

    By the way, those people are clueless posers. 😉

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