New Sadish FanBoy..

Sadish, the designer of this current template NigaRila, has designed some of the most aesthetically pleasing themes I have found from the open source WordPress community. I just finished an email exchange with him about working out some of my implementation bugs on this blog. I bought the template a couple of days ago in my work for another client’s blog and the ease of functionality made using this word press template a breeze. I am not sure of the final look and feel that this blog will be, but I am adding a link to his main site in case someone in the wordpress community finds my posts. At the risk of sounding silly, I have always been on the lookout for the next great web designer, and so far I think Sadish ‘gets it’

2 thoughts on “New Sadish FanBoy..

  1. Interesting this is similar to the Barthelme theme + it’s the 3 col layout i want*

    it’s fairly pleasing to the Eyes – i like the Mauve colour – well i’m glad it’s only been 5 months for us to get Started!!!!


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