WordPress can be a bear !

I am writing this with a bit of exhaustion. The night is ending and I have been working on this for a few days now. First, I completed the rough outline of ChurchStreetArt.net. After going through the initiation of deciding which blog software to use in an hosted venue, (MoveableType or WordPress) I went with WordPress due to it’s open source aspect. Having been following the trend I voted for OpenSource. I love the concept of living in a future where I don’t have to buy into the proprietary camp of both application development as well as open source operating systems. I love my Ubuntu laptop and the new trend by Goolge and others to create free applications accessed by web browsers.

2 thoughts on “WordPress can be a bear !

  1. Well all the Geek Bloggers go fer WordPress so ya prolly made the right choice there*

    To my mind i find their Templates to be Butt Ugly & boring & old & stale looking*

    Almost like the Old Communist Regime we lived under called Microsoft*

    til thank God Google set us all FREE!!

    props too to Flickr & all the Web2.0 co’s showing us that Computers can be a Joy to Use again! Easy, Logical, & FUN!! – what a Concept!! – something Microsoft/shit never figgered out in all the years of Forcing their Crap software on People*

    Good Riddance Microsoft!!


  2. Hey Billy ! Thank you so much for coming by to check out my new WordPress Blog. Dude, you totally rock ! I saw those new pictures on your Flickr Blog and you are looking good !

    I appreciate ! Thanks again !

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