Too Late to Wrestle this one…

Gotta crash, but it has been an interesting ride so far. Trying to solve the Flickr RSS feed that integrates with word press is like solving a puzzle without knowing what pieces exist and where to find them. For those in search of ready answers (and if anyone finds this blog, it’s so new) Here is the skinny from hours of my time spent this weekend: Slickr Gallery(AJAX Flickr plugin for WordPress),
plugin for WordPress, FlickrRSS WordPress, and finally, Flickr API Services. There is some great information and I am not sure yet of the names of the WordPress Players that made this all possible, and even though I have not been able to get it all working just yet, Thank You !

Tomorrow is another day, and the work done this weekend on the outsider art gallery, and this blog will bear fruit soon.

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