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Haley Johnson illustrator

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1-8-15 Search + Mobile Marketing Research

Sunset Beach Dance
Conversation: Where’s Paid Search Going In 2014? #smx #33A

Gagan: It’s the basics. Have good creative. Write better creative, and leverage technology resources to do so if you can’t on your own. Differentiate your brand.

Frank: Data and data quality. Look outside your budget, your existing PPC capabilities and make sure you’re optimizing the quality of your data you’re creating on your site.

core paid search 2014 market trends

Sepia Diver

2014 Digital Trends And Predictions From Marketing Thought Leaders… Read the rest

Google CEO Eric Schmidt ~ Security Versus Privacy

Google Privacy
Too many wrongly characterize the debate as “security versus privacy.” The real choice is liberty versus control. Tyranny, whether it arises under threat of foreign physical attack or under constant domestic authoritative scrutiny, is still tyranny. Liberty requires security without intrusion, security plus privacy. Widespread police surveillance is the very definition of a police state. And that’s why we should champion privacy even when we have nothing to hide. My Reaction to Eric Schmidt ~ Bruce Schneier

Bruce Schneier calls

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12-5-14 Search + Mobile Marketing Research


Indian TV channels up digital spend
MUMBAI: India’s TV broadcasters have been ramping up their advertising expenditure in digital this past year to the point where it may now account for up to one quarter of the total

UK will take digital adspend lead
LONDON: More than half of all adspend in the UK will be spent on digital media in 2015, making it the first country in the world where the majority of adspend goes on digital, according … Read the rest

Web Font Search + Research

The Web Font Combinator

10 More Great Google Font Combinations You Can Copy

10 Rock Solid Website Layout Examples

5 Google Font Combinations That You’ll Fall in Love With

Top 5 Recommended Google Font Combinations



Sites Using the Font Roboto

Sweet Sans Web Font

Sweet Sans

google recommended font pairings arimo

recommended roboto pairings

10 Rock Solid Website Layout Examples

Questrial (great body font) the rest

Science Fiction + Self Publishing Research

This is a bit sprawling, but it touches on the topics of a recent marketing conversation. The four authors listed here are some of the huge success stories, one very recent (Fan Fiction Writer) and the other three forged over the last few years in the crucible of Amazon by giving away their early work for free. Think of it as a ‘loss lead’ on steroids for authors.

The next series of links centers on science fiction sites, good … Read the rest

BlackPhone New Ultra Privacy Phone Post Snowden

Girl Selfie
Privacy is a right.
This may seem like something we can all agree on. But technology has made this an ideal that is increasingly hard to obtain. And it slips further away from us with each second.

The World’s Solution to Mobile Privacy
In a digital world with eyes and ears everywhere,
privacy is hard to find. Get in the Circle.

Mobile Privacy Solutions
Encrypted Calling Plans
Unlimited Talk & Text Among Members Anywhere
Whether you’re … Read the rest

11-12-14 Search + Mobile Marketing Research

Green fire girl

The Brief History of Social Media

Slack: Be less busy

10 Ways Google’s Hummingbird Will Shape Future SEO and Content Marketing

More Insight into IgnitionOne’s Q3 2014 Digital Marketing Report

HeadPhones Girl

Google and Yahoo have been changing up their advertising offerings in some pretty big ways.

How to Win in Organic Search: Tips from Google, Bing and Brands

Digital: As Mobile Grows Rapidly, the Pressures on News Intensify


Sorry Google; you can Keep it … Read the rest

Recent Bitcoin News 11/2/2014

BITCOINRecent Bitcoin news that is important.

This guy Faisal Khan is a consultant of some sort, charges $750 an hour and seems pretty smart.

This guy Faisal Khan recommends this company, as they have all the paperwork done:

Not sure where I am going with this, but I wanted you to read this new info which is being driven by the Bitcoin License under consideration by NY State.

Bitcoin may be volatile but has value beyond price … Read the rest

Corporatism is Fascism

Anti-Fascist 1500
“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and corporate power.”
~ Benito Mussolini

“Fascism will come to America in the name of anti-fascism’. I’m afraid, based on my own long experience, that fascism will come to America in the name of national security.” ~ Sen. Huey Long

“Fascism is capitalism in decay.” ~ Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

“Nazi Punks Fuck Off” ~ by the Dead Kennedys

Punk ain’t no religious cult
Punk means thinking … Read the rest