NordVPN server locations in the US by major Metro Areas and State

Atlanta, GA – # 369-372, 411-412, 561-568, 665-676, 681-684;

Buffalo, NY – # 323, 603, 604, 617, 689-690;

Chicago, IL – # 80, 82, 108-111, 137-140, 166-169, 195-198, 224-227, 253-256, 282-285, 311-314, 365-368, 409-410, 494-533, 645-656, 718-721, 734-745, 754-757, 777-780, 781-784, 789-792;

Dallas, TX – # 381-384, 417-418, 633-644, 793-800, 837-838;

Denver, CO – # 419-426, 443-446, 467-474, 691-702, 761-776;

Los Angeles, CA – # 318-320, 326, 357-360, 405, 406, 459-466, 483-490, 538-541, 554-557, 621-628, 714-717, 746-753;

Manassas, VA – # 349-352, 401-402, 542-549, 679, 680, 841-843;

Matawan, NJ – # 23, 491-493, 618-620;

Miami, FL – # 321-322, 605-616, 685-688, 707-710;

New York City, NY – # 20, 24, 327-330, 333-336, 373-376, 413-414, 435-442, 451-458, 475-482, 657-664, 722-733, 801-808, 844-847;

Phoenix, AZ – # 317, 337-342, 377-380, 821-824;

San Jose, CA – # 16, 353-356, 403-404, 577-600, 817-820;

Salt Lake City, UT – # 534-537, 511-513;

Seattle, WA – # 361-364, 407-408, 569-576, 758-760, 825-828;

Secaucus, NJ – # 809-816, 829-832, 833-836;

St.… Read the rest

CryptoCurrency Market Capitalization Websites and Apps

Some options for replacing CoinMarketCap:

I use the CoinCap app on my phone and it has been a great tool:
Coincap iPhone
Coincap Android

Understanding Crypto Market Basics

Here’s The Fundamental Bitcoin Valuation Metric That Determines The Cryptocurrency’s Price Moves

A Simple Macroeconomic Model of Bitcoin

PayPal’s Wences Casares: ‘I Can Imagine A World In Which Bitcoin Becomes A Global Standard Of Value’

Guide to Valuing Cryptocurrency: How to Value a Cryptocurrency Due diligence is a must

Cryptoasset Valuations

Ask anyone where they go to compare cryptocurrency valuations and straight as a flash they’ll reply “Coinmarketcap” (CMC). It is by far the dominant price checking site in the cryptosphere, with Alexa making it the 44th most popular site in the US. For all its might, over-reliance on a centralized data repository has its drawbacks, and goes against the very principles of the decentralized ecosystem.… Read the rest

These days, effective SEO has become

8 major Google ranking signals in 2017
What’s a top Google position made of? Here are the 8 ingredients that make all the difference.

Semantic Search: What it means for SEO in 2017

Here’s how RankBrain does (and doesn’t) impact SEO

What’s coming for SEO in 2017?
5 hot SEO trends from the SMX East conference

Mobile SEO in 2017 – A Concise Guide to Rank Higher in Mobile Searches

8 Predictions for SEO in 2017

The evolution of SEO
Columnist Winston Burton reflects on how search engine optimization (SEO) has changed over the years. Where might things go from here?

What is an Effective SEO Strategy For 2017

SEO Has Evolved To Search ‘Experience’ Optimization

Best SEO Practices to Dominate In 2017 the rest

The Best VPN Services of 2017 Nord VPN

Best VPN Services of 2017 Nord VPN - Man surfing a digital wave, blue wave, with a splash of red and green code
The Best VPN Service of 2017hands down is: Nord VPN

We did extensive research into finding the optimal VPN service using this spreadsheet: That One Privacy Website: Detailed VPN Comparison Chart

We boiled the data down and came up with five different VPN Services that fulfilled our needs, most importantly:

  • Does the VPN Service have our back?
  • Are there enough servers?
  • Are the servers robust?

Nord VPN was the best VPN Service. We currently use Nord VPN to access the Internet via our office workstations.  We recommend the best VPN Service Nord VPN!

Here is an excerpt of recent reviews of Nord VPN by PC Magazine, which rates the VPN service as an ‘Editor’s Choice’

Since the very first day of NordVPN, we have been striving for the best – be it faster connection speeds, improved stability, a fresh security feature or a new location on the ever-growing server list.

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I want to develop a plugin that works with a credit card processor

Accepting Payments on WordPress – How to Choose and Integrate Your Payment Processor

Google Search “I want to develop a plugin that works with a credit card processor”

Beanstream Internet Commerce Acquired by Bambora Group



Moneris Solutions



PCI Security

WooCommerce Extensions Store

Easy Pay

Zip Line the rest

A Brief History of Stripe

The Collison Brothers and Story Behind The Founding Of Stripe

Stripe (company) From Wikipedia

The Story Behind Payment Disruptor And Its Founder Patrick Collison the rest

Long Beach California, Crash on 4th and Olive 8-9-17

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60 seconds earlier this guy could have been us.

If you are wondering where that huge hole in the side of Ace Hardware on 4th and Olive came from, last night around 11 o’clock a car hit a motorcycle on the corner of 4th and Alamitos and tried to flee the scene but only made it one block before crashing through the side of the Ace Hardware store at 4th and Olive

Motorcycle hit and run on Alamitos and 4th, the car that hit the bike careened down 4th and crashed through the side of the Ace Hardware store. The driver and her passenger suffered what looked like minor scrapes, were arrested and treated on scene.

Drunk drivers are not unusual in our culture, and there was plenty of that in Vermont as well as Massachusetts, but here in Long Beach California is has a special resonance, as we are always walking or biking to places.… Read the rest

Top Organic Search SERPS Amazon Affiliate Plugins

Top Organic Search SERPS Amazon Affiliate Plugins

20 Read the rest

Out-of-the-box eCommerce Solutions

Create. Sell. Grow. We make it all easy.

Go Daddy Online Store offers access to a variety of online store templates and decent reporting capabilities. The basic plan is affordable, but be prepared to pay extra for some standard features.

Create Your Own WIX Affiliate Store

Adding Amazon Affiliate Links

Currently, WIX does not have an Amazon app

Request: Syncing WIX Stores with Other eCommerce Channels (e.g., Amazon, eBay, Etsy)

AWS Case Study: WIX

Excellent set of research links from Nate Shivar
Shopify vs. Wix: Online Store Builders Compared

Shopify Review: Pros & Cons of Using Shopify For eCommerce

Wix Review: 6 Pros & 6 Cons of Using Wix For Websites

Weebly Review: 6 Pros & 3 Cons of Using Weebly For Your Website the rest

Existing Shopping Cart Solutions

Have you thought that selling online was a little out of your reach? Think again. Opening an online store has never been easier. Ecwid is a leading choice for small business merchants to easily set up a store and start selling fast. No need to abandon your existing site — Ecwid can be added virtually anywhere you have an online presence. You have the freedom to operate multiple online stores including on your website, social media channels, and mobile devices. So stop reading and start selling from your new online store! (created by one of the original X-Cart developers)


OpenCart is an easy to-use, powerful, open source online store management program that can manage multiple online stores from a single back-end. Administrative area simply by filling in forms and clicking “save”.… Read the rest

Amazon Affiliate Product Research

Jungle Scout
Jungle Scout is intended for Amazon and Fulfilled by Amazon sellers, but you can freely use it to boost the effectiveness of your affiliate store.

This web app provides you with up-to-date insights regarding what products are most profitable at the moment. Use these ideas to choose only the most useful items, as you can’t publish them all.

Amazon Product Research Made Easy (Web App)

Instant Amazon Product research in your browser

You’re viewing: Amazon Affiliate Product Research

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Amazon Affiliate Plugins on WordPress-org Plugin Repository
Amazon Affiliate Code Canyon Plugins
Top-Selling eCommerce WordPress Themes
Amazon aStore
Examples of Successful Amazon Affiliate Websites
Existing shopping cart solutions
Out-of-the-box eCommerce Solutions

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Examples of Successful Amazon Affiliate Websites

5 examples

More examples

You’re viewing: Examples of Successful Amazon Affiliate Websites

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Amazon Affiliate Plugins on WordPress-org Plugin Repository
Amazon Affiliate Code Canyon Plugins
Top-Selling eCommerce WordPress Themes
Amazon aStore
Amazon Affiliate Product Research
Existing shopping cart solutions
Out-of-the-box eCommerce Solutions

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